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The Ambergris Caye Fishing Guide Association is famous for having the Biggest Fleet of Local Licensed Fishing Guides in the island.  All our fishing guides are licensed and known by the Belize Tourist Board.  Our fishing guides come from a long history of fishing.  We are happy to serve you on you fishing vacation charters.  We guarantee you the best in fishing and an unforgettable adventure.

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We welcome and invite you to join us and become a member of the Ambergris Caye Fishing Guide Association.

What's Your Favorite Type of Fishing?

We have different kinds of fishing for the fishing enthusiast.  We have many members that cover the different fishing categories.  If it is to the flats, the reef or the deep outside the barrier reef, you can be sure to find one you like best.

Fishing Tournaments in Ambergris Caye

Fishing Tournaments in Ambergris Caye

In Ambergris Caye, there are many fishing tournaments year round.  Here is where our members shine and show their skills.

Life is Short...Let's go Fishing in Belize!

Board Members

These are the Board Members of the Ambergris Caye Fishing Guide Association

Member Enrique Marin

Enrique Marin

Member Felipe Roberto Bradley

Vice President
Robert Bradley

Giovanni Marin

Giovanni Marin

Gilberto Lara

Gilberto Lara

Member Severo Guerrero Sr

Board Member
Severo Guerrero

Our Members

Local fishermen that have become ACFGA Members.

Bottom Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Fly Fishing
Night Fishing
Reef Fishing
Member Abel Emelecio Guerrero
Abel Emelecio Guerrero
Member Alberto Bradley
Alberto Bradley
Member Alejandro Ack
Alejandro Ack
Member Alfredo Aldo Rubio
Alfredo Aldo Rubio
Member Antonio Ricardo Acosta
Antonio Ricardo Acosta
Member Anwar Said Acosta
Anwar Said Acosta
Member Arely Gonzalez Marin
Arely Gonzalez Marin
Member Armando Gonzalez
Armando Gonzalez
Member Carlos Oswaldo Marin
Carlos Oswaldo Marin
Member Carlos Rodriguez General
Carlos Rodriguez General
Member Cesar Daniel Acosta
Cesar Daniel Acosta
Member Daniel Ingram Smith
Daniel Ingram Smith
Member Daniel Leslie Gregorio
Daniel Leslie Gregorio
Member Daniel Miguel Nah
Daniel Miguel Nah
Member Eduardo Brown Sr
Eduardo Brown Sr
Member Edwardo Ernesto Brown
Edwardo Ernesto Brown
Member Eloy Gonzalez
Eloy Gonzalez
Member Emir Emilcar Marin
Emir Emilcar Marin
Member Emir Emilcar Marin
Emir Emilcar Marin
Member Enrique Balmore Quijano
Enrique Balmore Quijano
Member Enrique Javier Marin
Enrique Javier Marin
Member Enrique Marin
Enrique Marin
Member Eric Henkis
Eric Henkis
Member Ernildo Graniel
Ernildo Graniel
Member Felipe Roberto Bradley
Felipe Roberto Bradley
Member Florentino Gonzalez
Florentino Gonzalez
Member Francisco Guttierez
Francisco Guttierez
Member Gavino Ack
Gavin Ack
Member Gerlado Ack
Geraldo Ack
Member Gil Gonzalez
Gil Gonzalez
Member Gilberto Byron Lara
Gilberto Byron Lara
Member Glenn Rudolph Gillett
Glenn Rudolph Gillett
Member Gonzalo Lara
Gonzalo Lara
Member Guillermo Noe Valdez
Guillermo Noe Valdez
Member Hilberto Solomen Acosta
Hilberto Solomen Acosta
Member Honorio Mercedes Valdes
Honorio Mercedes Valdes
Member Ignacio Ernesto Bermudez
Ignacio Ernesto Bermudez
Member Jesse James Smith
Jessie James Smith
Member Jesus Cinoeh Bardalez
Jesus Cinoeh Bardalez
Member Jonathan Esquivel
Jonathan Esquivel
Member Jorge Luis Rodriguez
Jorge Luis Rodriguez
Member Jorge Reina Jr
Jorge Reina Jr
Member Jose Andres Nunez
Jose Andres Nuñez
Member Jose Antonio Lara
Jose Antonio Lara
Member Jose Felipe Ancona
Jose Felipe Ancona
Member Jose Luis Perez
Jose Luis Perez
Member Josue Eleazar Reyes
Josue Eleazar Reyes
Member Juan Albert Lara
Juan Albert Lara
Member Juan Francisco Verde
Juan Francisco Verde
Member Kristian Andre Marin
Kristian Andre Marin
Member Leonardo Bradley
Leonardo Bradley
Member Luis Alberto Paz
Luis Alberto Paz
Member Luis Gilberto Acosta
Luis Gilberto Acosta
Member Manuel Jesus Azueta
Manuel Jesus Azueta
Member Marco Antonio Daniel Marin
Marco Antonio Daniel Marin
Member Mariano Ack
Mariano Ack
Member Mario R Acosta
Mario R Acosta
Member Michael Kent Hancock
Michael Kent Hancock
Member Omero Perpetou Graniel
Omero Perpetou Graniel
Member Priciliano Gonzalez Marin
Priciliano E Gonzalez Marin
Member Ramiro Guillen
Ramiro Guillen
Member Ricardo Gustavo Zetina
Ricardo Gustavo Zetina
Member Roan Samuel Gonzalez
Roan Samuel Gonzalez
Member Robert Frederick Halliday
Robert Frederick Halliday
Member Roberto Bradley
Roberto Bradley
Member Roberto Carlos Guerrero
Roberto Carlos Guerrero
Member Roberto Guerrero
Roberto Guerrero
Member Roger Julio Marin
Roger Julio Marin
Member Romel Alexander Gomez
Romel Alexander Gomez
Member Severo Guerrero Sr
Severo Guerrero Jr
Member Tiburcio Ivan Staines
Tiburcio Ivan Staines
Member Tomasito Elgar Paz
Tomasito Elgar Paz
Member Valmont Adolfo Marin
Valmont Adolfo Marin